Stonelike Ceramics

Ceramics driven by love of arts, living things and natures.



* Creative daily life. Daily items that remind us meaningfulness and awareness... 

Sculpture  •  Table Arts

Sculpture • Table Arts

* Bring nature to your home. Central pieces purifying a space with tranquility ... 

Joyful Work

Central Piece Purifying Space with Tranquility

Bring nature to your home

  • Steps

    Stepping stones are on wall.

  • Stack

    Balance learn from nature

  • Beach

    Pebbles alongside beach shore

  • Stack

    Balance learn from nature

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Pressed   l  Transformed   l  Weathered   l   Finished Natural... 



*Just carved out of Rock It's raw and original ceramics. Bulky design... 

Love of Arts, Living Things, and Nature

“ I cognize nature with all senses, redesign and compose them with my selective perceptions. My ceramics are from the versions of nature, finalized through my finger tips, to show radiance, eclecticity and simplicity of the process. I want my work to remind us about meaningfulness, humbleness of coexisting with nature, and also fun and joy that balance bring us as well."

  • Commissioned Project

    Customer's beautiful house with my Meta-Morphic vase

  • Toronto Star

    My solo exhibition at Carnegie gallery was featured on local media

  • Art Gallery of Ontario

    Find my work at AGO, Gardiner Museum, Craft Ontario, Petroff Gallery, Dish Studio in Toronto